Learning with Curren - A Complex Communication Journey

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5/18/2019 7:20 PM

Learning with Curren - A Complex Communication Journey is a Facebook Page maintained by Curren's mother Nerissa Ramsey. Nerissa also writes on a blog

The Facebook page is a photo, video navigation through their homeschooling curriculum and family adventures. This past year has seen a growth in his literacy learning and you will see pictures of her monthly and weekly literacy materials. Pictures of Curren's Dad and older brother are frequently included so you will get an idea of how the whole family is involved around Curren's communication and that it seems as through nothing holds this family back from community outings and trips.

The blog follows more of Curren's medical issues, being a child with the very rare, HIVEP2 disorder. On the blog Nerissa shares what they have learned about living with a rare disease and you will follow along, and maybe relive some of your own experiences within the medical and non-medical community.

Curren uses the PODD (Pragmatically Organized Dynamic Display) AAC system. 

For more information on PODD training and videos, 

For more information on the products of PODD 

Printed PODD direct selection templates

SGD (Speech Generating Device) PODD for Mind Express (Windows/Tablet) 

SDG PODD for Grid (windows/Tablet)

SGD PODD for Compass (iPad APP)

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