Joy Outside the Box

Author-Avatar Kelly Fonner

5/18/2019 8:56 PM

As both a Facebook Page and a Blog, this family shares their journey through life with as Mom describes "Goofy-goof of a mama to two neurodiverse kiddos with very different needs. They're both pretty much awesome. You'll see."

One of the children uses AAC. They show her use and/or trials of apps
-Clicker Communicator from CrickSoft
-Proloquo2Go with typical & high contrast symbols there are mentions of a recent trial of LAMP: WFL (Language Acquisition thru Motor Planning: Words For Life page is at

Blog is at

SGD/Communication device,Level 6. Abstract Symbols,Level 7. Language,Speech-Language Pathologist,Educator,Parent/Family Member,Intervention Strategies,Families

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