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Manage Information

Pinpoint exactly how an individual is communicating now and craft realistic goals for the future. Use the Communication Matrix to follow up on an individual and clearly see the progression of his/her communication skills.

“This is the first assessment tool that I have found that starts where my students are and grows with them….I can use the results to plan goals for Individual Education Plans and evaluate the results.” --Stacie, Special Education Teacher, Public School, Toronto

Move Forward

Track progress to determine next steps. The Matrix results and progress tracking feature make it easy to see how an individual’s development is progressing.

Team Up With Parents

The Matrix is a helpful resource to share with parents looking for information and assistance.

As a free online tool, it’s easy for families to use at home. When you use it too, you can share your results with the family and work together to create a game plan.









Donate Now The Communication Matrix project is not-for-profit and relies in part on donations from our community.

Easy Tools To Use

Matrix is simple

Progress tool

Video tutorials

Connect and Find Support

When your family is dealing with a communication disorder, it's normal to feel lonely. Our community is here to help. It's a place for users to connect, share information and support one and another through all the ups and downs.

"I discovered the tool when I was desperately lost about my multiply diabled child... It [is] very easy... and you can see your child be successful even in tiny steps. Thank you" - Parent

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