Custom Reports

We offer high-quality individualized Custom Reports. The Custom Report includes:

  • General, personal and educational information
  • Summary of current abilities
  • Progress report (if more than one Matrix has been completed)
  • Educational reccomendations (selected by the user), and
  • Progress monitoring guidelines
per report

Customized To Your Needs

Customise Needs Image

Reports are completely individualized. The user simply checks the elements she/he wants to appear on the report and provides and specific information required.

Customise Needs Image

Custom Reports cost $6.00 each (with discounts of 10% or more and 20% for 50 or more).

All funds collected for the Reports function goes to a non-profit created to support maintenance of the website (Friends of the Communication Matrix Foundation).

Customise Needs Image

By using the Group Management feature, a school district on clinic may purchase multiple reports for members of their own group.

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