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Currently working with students across grade levels (as well as skill levels) requires inventive modification of communication systems. This collection discusses how education professionals utilize total communication while working with students.

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This collection is a collaboration between the following professionals working in Illinois public schools: Lindsay Kiszkowski (SLP), Janet Waldman (SLP), Diane Fuchs (educator), and Mary Solberg (SLP).

Quote In this post, Lyndsay (SLP) describes several ways she has promoted total communication in her classroom.

Total Communication in the Classroom

Communication Matrix Team . - 6/11/2018

The following post was written by Lindsay Kiszkowski, speech-language pathologist in Illinois: Total communication is a large part of the two classrooms I currently work in. Having a variety o...

Quote In this post, Mary discusses various communication supports she uses in her Early Childhood classroom.

Total Communication in an Early Childhood Classroom

Communication Matrix Team . - 6/13/2018

The following post was written by Mary Solberg, speech-language pathologist in Illinois: In our Early Childhood classroom we use all possible modes of communication! Every student, even if...

Quote In this post, Janet and Diane discuss using total communication strategies at snack time.

Total Communication at Snack

Communication Matrix Team . - 6/19/2018

The following post was written by Janet Waldman (speech-language pathologist) and Diane Fuchs (educator) in Illinois: One way our non-verbal student communicates with verbal peers is using “Go Talk...


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