Emmy is a Star!

Author-Avatar Kelly Fonner

6/13/2019 3:28 PM

Emmy is a Star is a Facebook Personal Blog and YouTube Channel that follows along with the many activities of Emmy. Described in their words as "Emmy went without oxygen at birth. The result was a traumatic brain injury that has left her with many challenges. But we fight for her every day and we hope you will join us."

There are years of videos that you can look through. there are pictures, photo albums, and many, many videos for everyone's interest. 

If you are really interested in watching a child and family/school team progress through a variety of AAC apps - Emmy has used quite a few! In the video part of the Facebook page you can see Emmy use AAC apps such as GoTalk Now, My FIrst AAC, 

If you are interested in Physical therapy progression, use of different type of body socks, supports, gate trainers, etc. there are videos from her progress through PT, through Aquatic therapy, through Hippotherapy (horse riding) and more.

Any type of Assistive Technology that you are thinking of exploring and you want to see it... yeah, you guessed it... probably has been tried with Emmy!

And if you are just like watching a child have fun with her sisters and friends... Well, this is most definitely the right place! get ready to take notes on endless number of activities and adaptations to fully include a child with complex communication needs because you too have a Star like Emmy!

Facebook Link -

YouTube Channel -

They also have a clothing line on Kidzen - Emmy's Closet -

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