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Date Created: 5/5/2019

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Here on the Communication Matrix Forum we have been fortunate to have several Collections Hosted by parents of children with complex communication needs (CCN). Out on the web, there are many more. This collection is an attempt bring those together.

collection curator

Kelly Fonner

Kelly is a self-employed consultant and trainer in assistive & educational technology. She started out her working career as a teaching assistant, and has worked as a special education teacher, instructional media specialist, and as a assistive technology consultant at the school, state and university program levels. She works as a consultant to programs, schools & families in implementing assistive technologies for communication and literacy. Kelly also presents nationally, teaches university and online courses and also works with a variety of assistive technology companies in the industry. She has her BS in Special Education from Millersville University in Pennsylvania & her MS in Educational Technology with an emphasis in Rehabilitation/Special Education Technology from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. She has pursued continuing education & research in Urban Education & Adult Learning at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and is a PODD Certified presenter. You can find her at In addition to her professional affiliation with people with complex communication needs, Kelly has people in her personal life that use and have used assistive technologies and this has molded and shaped her career and presentations over time. She firmly believes that information about this field is at its greatest value when represented from all perspectives and this has brought her whole-heartedly to the Communication Matrix Community of Practice.

Quote Home Talk, an assessment created with families for families

HomeTalk: a Family Assessment

. - 3/1/2016

HomeTalk, a Family Assessment of Children who are Deafblind was developed by myself and Philip Schweigert with the help of following team of parents and professionals: John Harris, Nancy Hartshorne...

Quote Hold My Words Facebook page & personal blog follow the journey of a young boy with complex communication and medical needs.

Hold My Words

Kelly Fonner. - 5/5/2019

A family of all boys who are grown and on their own journeys, continues to grow their family by adopting a young boy with complex medical and communication needs. This is the very shortened story behi...

Quote We Speak PODD has been one of the most influential Facebook pages & YouTube Channels in AAC Implementation

We Speak PODD

Kelly Fonner. - 5/5/2019

We Speak PODD has been one of the most influential family Facebook & YouTube Channels in the field of AAC. Karen and Adam Owen's documentation of their family's journey of learning the PODD (Pragmatic...

Quote Sharing a family's learning & communication journey

Learning with Curren - A Complex Communication Journey

Kelly Fonner. - 5/18/2019

Learning with Curren - A Complex Communication Journey is a Facebook Page maintained by Curren's mother Nerissa Ramsey. Nerissa also writes on a blog The Facebook p...

Quote Videos are an invaluable source of information

Harper's Hope: A parents view of the Power of Early Intervention

Emily Dayle Quinn. - 9/5/2014

The Desired Results Access Project has posted a new view about a family and their reflections of their daughters birth and the services that they have received through early intervention providers. ...

Quote Sisters sharing a bond & our experiences may lead to career choices

Beautiful Brown Eyes- Sensory Impairments in Children with Multiple Disabilities

Amy Parker. - 10/12/2014

And so the song goes- "Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes. Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes, Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes, I'll never love blue eyes again." He cradled her in his arms, singin...

Quote A rainbow wouldn't be a rainbow if it was missing one single color...

Joy Outside the Box

Kelly Fonner. - 5/18/2019

As both a Facebook Page and a Blog, this family shares their journey through life with as Mom describes "Goofy-goof of a mama to two neurodiverse kiddos with very different needs. They're both pretty ...

Quote Video is an invaluable way to follow your child's progress & so much fun!

A Young Girl's Journey with CDKL5 Disorder

Kelly Fonner. - 5/31/2019

On this YouTube Channel you will find over 20 videos that Zoe's family has collected to map out her journey since the signs of her diagnosis started during infancy. There are several early videos from...

Quote A Parent Learns so much through their Child

Schyler's Big Box of Words

Kelly Fonner. - 5/31/2019

Father becomes author after researching AAC options for his daughter, their journey is tracked in several places on the internet. Facebook, YouTube, Amazon and a Blog. Many know their story from their...

Quote Emmy is a Star follows a child's AAC, motor & most importantly friendship development through video

Emmy is a Star!

Kelly Fonner. - 6/13/2019

Emmy is a Star is a Facebook Personal Blog and YouTube Channel that follows along with the many activities of Emmy. Described in their words as "Emmy went without oxygen at birth. The result was a tr...

Quote Lesley Skahan is on a mission to create a Community of Symbol users around her son

Mason's Milestones

Kelly Fonner. - 7/12/2019

Lesley Skahan is Mom to 3 Boys, one who has complex communication and health needs, a Home Schooling parent, and a woman on a mission to share what she and her family are learning about building a com...


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